Welcome to The "Nineteen Hundred and Eighty One" Lyrics Quiz

The following 25 lyrics are from Top 30 songs, all from the year 1981 (per Joel Whitburn). Lyrics are listed alphabetically by artist. You need to identify the Song title and artist for each song, 10 points for each, for a total of 500 possible points.

1Eat guitars
2Some people were made
3It's all been a pack
4To your dreams
5Come into my life
6Girly magazine
7The best things in life
8Don't know why it is
9Down the boulevard
10We had broken up
11What's your pleasure
12Let me hear your body
13With an easy touch
14I want to say to you
15Turn and leave you
16Friends and my relations
17Never stop, never stop
18I'll be that fool for you
19It's the hardest thing
20Is a kizza
21Kingstowne again
22We can make it
23Voice too rough
24Find romance
25Jammin' until the break

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