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The following 25 lyrics are from songs which have received significant airplay (at least where *I'm* sitting) this year. Songs range from pop, to punk, to new age, to new swing. No idea of chart location, just know they got enough airplay to become engrained in my brain! Lyrics are listed alphabetically by title. Ignore the words 'A'and 'The' as first words. You need to identify the Song title and artist for each song, 10 points for each, for a total of 500 possible points.

1Maybe I'm an angel underneath
2A million different people
3I walk down to buy her flowers
4Wrap around me twice
5The bar with too much bubbly
6Too close for comfort
7Artificial heart
8Agony and the irony
10Tattoos of memories
11Teeth are extruded
12And I'll see it again
13I just wanna hold you close
14Sugar with coffee and cream
15Bleed just to know you're alive
16Can of ale
17Love, knowledge, discipline
18Birchmount Stadium
19Zephyr in the sky at night
20Too much caffeine
21She only sleeps when it's raining
23Summer slacking
24Gin and tonic
25Bottle of beer

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