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There are 20 lyric fragments, 2 from each year in the 1970's (1970-1979). Please provide artist and song title. Each answer is worth 5 points, for 200 points, and there are three bonus questions worth 10 points each, so the grand total is 230. Lyrics do not appear in the title of the song, so forget the answer you had planned for #12 (besides, that song is from the 1960's) Oh yeah, artists names all start with the letter R...either group name or solo performer (first or last name). Information checked with Joel Whitburn's texts.

1 About buying some land
2 Cause you're beautiful
3 Go go go
4 Hide and seek
5 I just wanna be with you
6 If you think I should
7 Just reach out and touch me
8 Know when to run
9 Music on the radio
10 No doubt about it
11 Pagliacci
12 The dock of the bay
13 Throw him in the swamp
14 Tomahawk
15 Too blind to see
16 Turn it up louder Who is the lead singer of this group?
17 Way down in Alabam' Who wrote this song?
18 When I die
19 You and me and the lightsWhat movie soundtrack was this on?
20 Your woman, your friend

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