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The following 25 lyrics are from Top 25 songs from between 1969 and 1989 (per Joel Whitburn). All lyrics are from songs by groups with roots in California You need to identify the Song title and artist for each song, 10 points for each, for a total of 500 possible points. Songs are listed alphabetically by artist.

1You don't know me but I'm your brother
2In the sun with your dress undone
3The sleeping pill I took was just a waste of time
4He thought he was the only one
5But I do
6His cheatin' wife had never left town
7Her and Bobby were steppin' out
8Sings a song sounds like she's singin'
9He let go a laugh, he let go a laugh
10I said sleep next to me
11It worries me to say, I've never felt this way
12The rain was unstoppable
13Romeo and Juliet, Sampson and Delilah
14There's a spotlight waiting, no matter who you are
15Tryin' to make a devil out of me
16Flying away on a wing and a prayer
17Blood's thicker than mud
18Every time I kiss your lips my mind starts to wander
19They got a name for the winners in the world
20I throw in my guitar
21Everybody here tonight must boogie
22Let some air into this room
23Love isn't always on time
24If ya do you'll find out she don't love you
25They wouldn't have you in the Ma Fi A

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