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The following 25 lyrics are from Top 35 songs from between 1963 and 1983 (per Joel Whitburn). These lyric clues are all from songs by artists which could be classified as Country - rock or Southern - rock, or the songs are done in a 'Country' style. Lyrics are listed alphabetically by artist. You need to identify the Song title and artist for each song, 10 points for each, for a total of 500 possible points.
1Greyhound bus
2Look before you leap
3Robert E. Lee
4Over the phone
5Burns, burns
6Souped up
7I like the way she talks
8And know they love you
9Baptist Church
10Count your many blessings
11This victory song
12Kentucky coalmines
13Through the park
14I must be traveling
15Ten four
16Got it so good
17Ain't got no cigarettes
18Music with my friends
19Giddy uppa
20Down at city hall
21Makes me glad that I'm a man
22Only 6 years old
24Captain Kangaroo
25Nothing seems to fit

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