Welcome to The "Men, Men, Men, Men, Men" Lyrics Quiz

The following 25 lyrics are from Top 30 songs from between 1965 and 1985 (per Joel Whitburn). All songs are by solo men artists. No groups, women, or others need apply, except maybe on clue 11, which might be a duet! Lyrics are listed alphabetically by artist. You need to identify the Song title and artist for each song, 10 points for each, for a total of 500 possible points.

1A thousand years
2I knew that I would
3Open up your eyes, then you'll realize
4Trust til the very end
5You wanna ride on
6The police department
7Sam & Dave
8Please come take my hand
9You are 'ung and able
10Stars are out there shining
11Your sweet voice whispering in my ear
12You can never look back
13Buy her pearls
14We've all gone crazy
15Strange vibration
16All my friends are from
17When I think of all my sorrow
18Beg you to stay>
19Runnin' with the Joneses
20The lights of L.A.
21I still can smile
22Talkin' 'bout gettin' out
23A rhapsody
24Good to do you good
25Sticks and umbrellas

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