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Please read the following important instructions!!

1. The following 25 lyrics are from Top 40 songs from between 1964 and 1989 (per Joel Whitburn).
2. All songs titles have something in common. It is up to YOU to determine what that is!
3. Lyrics are listed alphabetically by artist.
4. You need to identify the Song title and artist for each song, 10 points for each, for 500 possible points. There are 50 bonus points for figuring out the Mystery Link, for a grand total of 550 points!

1One poor correspondent
2Don't let it change a thing
3Let me be your man
4A look ahead
5The thing to do
6What we are
7Just move your feet
8Wasting all of my time
9A thousand churches
10Salvation seems worlds away
11Some friends in court
12It's easy to tease
13What your love means
14All across the nation
15Thinking about our fortune
16Love can be strong
17Stars in our eyes
18Snakes in your eyes
19Beneath the tattered flag
20Talking like a damn fool
21Cream of the fight
22Grow stronger every day
23I got worries
24So the story goes
25Texas Hollywood
BonusWhat's the Mystery Link??

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