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The following 50 lyrics are from Number 1 songs from between 1965 and 1991 (per Joel Whitburn), with at least one song from each year. All song titles reached Number 1 on the Billboard charts. Lyrics are listed alphabetically by song title, and the clues are short since they were all # 1's, and should be well known. Any parentheses in song titles should be ignored in terms of alphabetization, and 'The's' and 'A's' appear as they would in the alphabet. You need to identify the Song title and artist for each song, 10 points for each, for a total of 1000 possible points.

1Born in hell
2He speaks the languages
3Just because you're sweet
4Around the world come on
5The time of your life
6Cocktail bar
8Half a brain
9Different folks
10It's not worth fighting for
11A little love
12We won't settle for less
13A whole lot of spending
14How white my shirts
15I couldn't leave her
16The biggest part
17Look at yourself
18I'll always love you
19The time to hesitate
20Bake it
21Nothing left to lose
22A simpler place
23Can't trust that day
24Microwave ovens
25Yeah (yeah)
26Jingle jangle
27Koo koo ka choo
28Makes me sweat
29The devil himself
30Around and shouted
31Philadelphia Atlanta
32What your life can truly be
33That long to lock
34She gave it all to me
35We made our mistakes
36Thirteen month old
37We're caught in a trap
38Fastest thing on two feet
39All over you
40There never seems to be enough
41Off your shoes
42Turn around
43Mountain top
44The undertaker
45We're saving our own lives
46Richard Nixon
47Curious poses
48Give me a rainbow
49Your sorrow shows
50Feels so right

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