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The following 25 lyrics are from songs whose titles start with either the word 'You' or 'I', from the years 1971 to 1991, (per Joel Whitburn). All songs reached The Top 30 on the Billboard charts. Lyrics are listed alphabetically by song title. You need to identify the Song title and artist for each song, 10 points for each, for a total of 500 possible points.

1Not even the chair
2Bright, bright
3It's so good
4Any time, tonight is fine
5Our money's all been spent
6Dollar bill flew away
7John Brown
8I don't want anybody else
9Hurt my head
10A brand new shirt
11So you could move
12You're never gonna forget
13Is what we are
14You're everything I hoped for
15How could so much love
16The last I seen
17T. Rex
18I need a photo
19Change a dollar bill
20Superman's cape
21Good love is hard to find
22Cause it feels so right
23It's too late to fight
24I believe in miracles
25Right round

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