A random assortment of trivia questions, some multi-part. some with single answers. All parts of an answer are worth 10 points, therefore if a question has a 3 part answer, that would be worth a total of 30 points (total points available per question are in parentheses to the left of each question). Total available points are 500 (hence the name of the quiz!) To earn 10 points, first and last names are required. First or last name only earns 5 points.

1.(10 pts)Name the father/son combination with the most combined lifetime Major League Baseball hits.
2.(60 pts)SAY GOODNIGHT, DICK! Identify these Laugh - In links: A) What US President appeared on the show, B) What reference book publisher also mentioned on The Tonight Show, was often mentioned on Laugh In, C) What was the name of the short lived game show spinoff from Laugh In, D) What was the weekly prize given out on the show, E) Who was the in-house sportscaster, F) What regular went on to star in the most Feature Films after leaving Laugh-In?
3.(20 pts)Where exactly (Country and type of structure) was Princess Elizabeth when George VI died, thereby leaving her as Elizabeth II?
4.(20 pts)What 'science' is Lorenzo N. Fowler associated with, and what American fiction author's diagnosis by Fowler found that he was lacking in "humor"?
5.(40 pts)Identify these Black quarterbacks: A) 1953, first NFL Black QB, B) 1968, first AFL Black QB, C) First Black QB to be Pro Bowl MVP, D) First Black QB to be Super Bowl MVP.
6.(40 pts)Identify the cartoon characters who made these phrases famous, and their strips: A) Good Grief, B) Far Freakin' Out
7.(40 pts)How many different license plate combinations are there for each state using these parameters: A) 3 numbers followed by 3 letters, B) 6 numbers or letters (any combination, any order), C) 6 letters only, D) 6 numbers only.
8.(30 pts)Name the managers of these tag teams when they were originally in the NWA: A) Powers of Pain, B) Road Warriors, C) The Midnight Express
9.(60 pts)SEINFELDISMS: A) Who needed a square spared, B) Who was the first to lose "The Contest", C) What was George's father's original relaxation plea, D) What *was* that girl's first name, E) By what name is the guy known for whom the gang bought the big screen TV, F) What actor played the "Close Talker"?
10.(20 pts)With what music group was Maurice Starr (as manager) most successful, and what was the name of his brother's group?
11.(10 pts)What was the TV name of the guy who used to get girls to take off their clothes on cable in the early 70's?
12.(20 pts)BLOTTO'D!!! Identify the two songs by this group that described A) The desire to have an outdoor job, B) That explained what it was like to work as a bar band.
13.(70 pts)Name the traditional Seven Sisters of Women's colleges in the Northeastern United States.
14.(10 pts)Within 10%, what was the amount of the Public Debt of the US as of 10/1/97?
15.(50 pts)MPFC: From the clues, identify the items or ingrediants from Monty Python's candy shop routine: A) pierces your cheek, B) after what ingredient Lark's Vomit is listed on the box, C) kind of Ripple, D) why the crunchy frog is crunchy, E) whose record for vomitting on stage was broken by the cop.

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