A random assortment of trivia questions, some multi-part. some with single answers. All parts of an answer are worth 10 points, therefore if a question has a 3 part answer, that would be worth a total of 30 points (total points available per question are in parentheses to the left of each question). Total available points are 500 (hence the name of the quiz!) To earn 10 points, first and last names are required. First or last name only earns 5 points.

1. (70 points)What are the 7 most visited amusement/theme parks in the world, for the year of 1996, and be specific with location as names are sometimes repeated. Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is NOT "a" theme park.
2. (30 points)What man better known for his cowboy hat made a MLB spring training box score this year, who did he pinch run for, and who hit into the double play that retired him?
3. (20 points)According to Sugar Ray, what song, by what artist, inspired the line in the song Fly, "25 years old. My Mother God rest her soul"?
4. (30 points)There was a 1997 movie based on a book by the same title. In the book, the lead character's name was Gordon, and parts of the story were somewhat reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz. Name the book/movie, the author, and the star of the film.
5. (20 points)This man was convicted of Rape, Assault, and Pistol Whipping, before his work was used in an ad for an Entertainment source. Name the man and the company
6. (30 points)Fox TV recently had a couple of specials featuring a "Masked Magician" revealing secrets of magic. Back in the early 1980's, a late night comedy show had a sketch with a "Masked Magician", revealing secrets of magic. Name the late night show, name the man who played the Masked Magician on that late night show, and name his better known partner.
7. (20 points)Under what circumstances was their a convergence of the talents of Andrew Lloyd Weber, Tim Rice, a member of Letters to Cleo, and a member of Van Halen, within the past 3 years, and in what city did this convergence take place?
8. (40 points)JEREMIAH WAS A BULLFROG, but Obidiah is the given first name of a leading character in a 1990's Tony Award winning production. Name the show, provide the full name Obidiah's character is better known by, and what are the names of his girlfriend and the other male lead character in the show?
9. (80 points)What 8 properties (not including railroads or utilities) were the 8 'rare' stamps in the April, 1998 McDonald's Monopoly Game?
10. (90 points)COVER ME: Identify the artists who covered songs by the two artists given, and the two songs. Both versions of both songs must have hit the Top 40. ie: If I said Otis Redding and Ray Charles, the answers would be Michael Bolton, {Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay, and Georgia. A) The Beatles & The Boxtops, B) Sly and the Family Stone & Tommy James and the Shondells, C) The Kinks & Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
11. (10 points)Name the product: Since 1898 it's Good.
12. (30 points)Prior to 1998, when was the last time (year) and home teams involved, when one Baseball stadium hosted games for two different home teams on the same day?
13. (10 points)Who hit the first inside the park homerun in Cleveland's Jacobs Field in a Major League Game?
14. (10 points)Boston was the first city to add branches to it's city library, but what city was first with a municipally funded public library in the USA?
15. (10 points)Most sports fans have seen the picture of Bobby Orr flying through the air after scoring the Stanley Cup winning goal in the 1970 NHL Playoffs. Derek Sanderson passed the puck to Orr. Who passed it to Sanderson?

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