A random assortment of trivia questions, some multi-part. some with single answers. All parts of an answer are worth 10 points, therefore if a question has a 3 part answer, that would be worth a total of 30 points (total points available per question are in parentheses to the left of each question). Total available points are 500 (hence the name of the quiz!) To earn 10 points, first and last names are required. First or last name only earns 5 points.

1. (50 points)GONNA HAVE MYSELF A TIME: Identify these South Park items, A) Kyle's brother's name, B) The singer who defeated Mecha-Streisand, C) What you will be if you do drugs, according to Mr. Mackey, D) The gay dog's name, E) Who WAS Cartman's Father?
2. (20 points)McDONALD'S AND . . . In the late 70's or early 80's, McDonald's had to change the shape of one of the customer utensils. What was the before look of the utensil, and why did they change it?
3. (60 points)6 authors have hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list in BOTH the Fiction AND Non-Fiction categories. Name these men.
4. (30 points)This late 1950's Top 30 tune still gets radio airplay every summer. Name the song, the artist who recorded it, and the long time Major League Baseball public address announcer who wrote it.
5. (40 points)NAME THAT KID!!! Bob, Ed, and Jake are great names for kids (OK, maybe not Bob). But they are also names of public structures that serve similar functions in different parts of the USA. Identify the type of structure, and the states they are located in.
6. (20 points)Who was the first woman to walk in space, and in what United State would you find the space suit she wore on this occasion?
7. (40 points)What 4 countries have the largest Jewish populations (as of 1997)?
8. (90 points)Give the cities and nicknames of the 9 teams in the sport of BASEketball.
9. (10 points)On what hill would you find the Bunker Hill Monument?
10. (20 points)HAIR!! What are the first names of A) the pregnant character in the show, and B) the character who is drafted?
11. (20 points)Who were the first 2 people to play Twister on TV. Hint: It was after 11PM, Eastern Time.
12. (60 points)The Kingston Trio popularized a song which was originally written as a Mayoral campaign tune. Name the song, name the Mayoral candidate, describe why the star of the song was trapped in his routine, tell me what his wife used to give the star of the song every day, tell me the current name of the place where she gave that to him, and tell me what this Mayoral candidate was going to do about the problem, had he only been elected.
13. (10 points)Who was Althea Leasure married to?
14. (10 points)Name the 1990's sitcom character who wore a fur coat and an 8 ball coat.
15. (20 points)On a late nite TV show a few years back, there was a character who lived under the stairs. Name his famous father and his father's partner

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