1. (50 points)VERA, CHUCK AND DAVE: Please identify the following: A) Who directed Julian Lennon's first two videos? B) What is the name of Ringo Starr's first grandchild? C) Heather McCartney won the 1981 Ilford "Young Printer of the Year" Award for what? D) What is Dhani Harrison's birthdate? E) Who are the keepers of the wishing well?
2. (30 points)Name the winners of the following awards for the year 1992. A) Elmer Ferguson Award B) Dick McCann Award C) James E. Sullivan Memorial Award
3. (20 points)A) The first scene of the movie "Serial Mom" takes place on what date? B) What US space event took place exactly 20 years earlier?
4. (50 points)THE FIRST BIG MAC: "It's specialty is farming, but those farmers play football. . ." Michigan State Univeristy began life as Michigan Agricultural College. A) Name the river that runs through MSU's campus. B) What was the first year MSU played the Rose Bowl? C) Who was Ransom McDonough? D) Who first used the term 'Spartans" to refer to MSU athletes? E) What former Maxwell Award winner played for the New York Giants?
5. (20 points)A) Who invented holography? B) Who coined the phrase 'green revolution'?
6. (50 points)BABBLE-ON: What are the five longest words in the Old Testament?
7. (20 points)Oscar and Tony award winning actress Judy Dench starred in what recent (1992-1998) British television series? Name her tv series co-star, who also appeared as a co-star in one of her recent films.
8. (30 points)CULINARY DELIGHTS: A) Who authored the first British cookbook, "The Art of Cookery made Plain & Simple", published in 1747? B) What are 'Bubble & Squeak' and 'Spotted Dick'?
9. (10 points)Name the graduation piece from the Suzuki Cello Book, Volume I.
10. (60 points)NOT YET 57: These six Heinz products were all introduced in the year 1870. Name them.
11. (40 points)A) When did the Society of Jesus receive papal approvel? B) What's a Black Pope? C) How many popes have taken the name Innocent? D) Where is Gethsemene?
12. (20 points)I'LL TRY ANYTHING ONCE: A) Who was the first person to deliberately go over Niagara Falls in something OTHER than a barrel? B) On what date did this occur?
13. (30 points)NO PUCK: Name the three male cast members of The Real World (Miami).
14. (40 points)ROYALTY: A) What is Timbertops? B) What is Prince Andrew's full name (including his surname)? C) Where was Prince Andrew born? (be very specific!) D) What minor royal is affectionately referred to by her relatives as Melons?
15. (30 points)Who won the Best New Artist Grammy in 1967 and name her Top 40 solo hits.

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