Answers for Potpourri, Round 32

1Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?, How Bizarre, 3 Marlenas
2Brother Love, Paul Bearer, Percival Pringle III
3Winning the game, and outscoring the opponent in each quarter.
4A) Busty Hart, B) In his head, C) ECW, D) LVH
5Eppa Rixey, Charles (Red) Ruffing, Cooperstown New York
6Jack Nicklaus, Lee Janzen
7A Different World, Lisa Bonet, Jasmie Guy, Angel Heart, Chicago
8A) I am the Walrus, B) Help!, C) All You Need is Love (or, If I Fell), D) Get Back
9Rick Pitino, Sports talk radio callers
10Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice
11James Sherman (1912), Garret Hobart (1899), Thomas Hendricks (1885), Henry Wilson (1875)
12The First Reich, The Second Reich (or Holy Roman Empire, German Empire}
135'1". 100 pounds
14Cape Cod Buccaneers, Atlantic Coast Hockey League, Cape Cod Coliseum
15Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese (Mandarin), Tagalog, Polish

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