A random assortment of trivia questions, some multi-part. some with single answers. All parts of an answer are worth 10 points, therefore if a question has a 3 part answer, that would be worth a total of 30 points (total points available per question are in parentheses to the left of each question). Total available points are 500 (hence the name of the quiz!) To earn 10 points, first and last names are required. First or last name only earns 5 points.

1. (30 points)Name 3 very popular songs from 1997 which had the word 'Chevy' or 'Chevrolet' in them.
2. (30 points)In the WWF, who was The Undertaker's first manager, who was his second manager, and by what name was that second manager best known as prior to managing The Undertaker?
3. (10 points)What is/was a seven point game in the CBA (nothing to do with winning by 7 points)?
4. (40 points)THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT!! A) Name the stripper who was a regular at Boston Celtic games in the 1980's, B) In the Broadway show 'Chicago', where did the warning shots get fired? C) If you're watching Beulah, Francine, and Kimona, what group are you watching?, D) What initials are on Toni Basil's cheerleading outfit in the video for Mickey?
5. (30 points)In the month of May, only one date (not necessarily the year) is the birthdate of 2 members (as of 1996) of the Baseball Hall of Fame, who generally played the same position as each other. Name them, and the location of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
6. (20 points)What 2 men have scored the lowest 4 round totals in the US Open Golf Tournament?
7. (50 points)Epiphany and Velma were later roles for these dormmates on a TV sitcom. Name the sitcom, the two actresses, and the venues for these two roles.
8. (40 points)Identify the Beatles songs most similar to the following Rutles songs. Now these can't be exact, but I'm gonna defend my answers as well as I can! A) Piggy in the Middle, B) Ouch, C) With A Girl Like You, D) Get Up and Go
9. (20 points)What major league (NBA/NHL/NFL/MLB) coach/manager referred to a group of people as "The Fellowship of the Miserable", and what to what group was he referring?
10. (50 points)Identify the first 5 people in line for the British throne, as of 1/1/98.
11. (40 points)Name the last 4 US Vice Presidents to die in office.
12. (20 points)What took place from 962 until 1806 AD, and what took place from 1871 to 1918 AD?
13. (20 points)According to Teena Marie in "Square Biz", how tall is she and what does she weigh?
14. (30 points)Vince McMahon owned what minor league hockey team in 1981/2, in what league, and in what home arena?
15. (70 points)Other than English, what were the 7 most popular languages spoken in US homes according to the 1990 US census?

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