Answers for Potpourri, Round 42

1There's Something About Mary, Providence Bruins, Tucker, Norm, Jonathan Richman
2Manami Toyota
3A) Adam West, B) Leigh Meriwether - Moscow Bugle, Nelson Riddle
45, Allegheny, Monongahela, Ohio, Saint-Maurice, Fleure Saint-Laurent, none
588 Lines about 44 Women, Mazda Protege
6A) Richard Strauss, B) John deLancie, C) I am Richard Strauss, composer of Der Rosenkavalier, D) Oboe
7A) Jenny, B) Uncle Floyd, C) Hersheyettes
8A) Joan Rivers, B) Steven Wright, C) Steve Martin, D) Andy Kaufman, E) Lily Tomlin
9A) Chips, B) Hogan's Heroes, C) Soap, D) Happy Days, E) Starsky and Hutch
10Brian Bosworth, Confessions of a Modern Anti-Hero
11A) Brother From Another Planet, B) Eating Raoul, C) SIlent Partner, D) Red Dawn
12Swedish Aircraft AB, amongst others
13Pennies - 35 lbs, Dimes & Quarters - 50 lbs each
14Baltimore Colts - shared parking with many churches
15Jane Fonda's Workout Album

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