1. (50 points)Name the highest grossing comedy of summer, 1998; the team name (including city) which was on the poster in the bedroom of the male lead of the film, the two different first names of the pizza delivery boy and the real name of the only person to get shot during the film.
2. (10 points)Wrasslin', but I'll keep it short and recent: Who is the most recent holder of the Japanese Women's Grand Prix?
3. (40 points)In the first Batman movie (color version, Caped Crusader, to avoid confusion), A) Who played Batman, B) who played the female villioness, and what employer did she use as her cover, and, D) Who composed the music?
4. (70 points)RIVER MATH: What number do you get if you add up the rivers in the Three Rivers area of Pittsburgh and the Trois Rivieres area of Quebec (one guess only for this part), and name them all.
5. (30 points)The Nails had a tune a few years ago that got pretty good 'alternative rock radio' airplay. Name that song, and the car (make and model) that is using a variation of that song in an ad as of Fall '98.
6. (40 points)A German composer was found in his villa by advancing Allied forces at the end of WWII. One of the American soldiers was a classical musician. The composer agreeed to write a concerto for this man's instrument. A) Who was the composer, B) What was the soldier's name, C) How did the composer introduce himself to the soldiers, and D) what was the soldier's instrument?
7. (30 points)A) T-O-P J-E-(zero)-W gets you who? B) Oogie's on! What are you watching? C) Hershey's 1970's answer to the M & M
8. (50 points)NAME THAT COMIC: I'll give you the joke, or catch-phrase, you give me the comedian. A) Can we talk? B) It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it, C) Excuse me, D) Tenk you veddy much, E) Is this the party to whom I am speaking?
9. (50 points)FIRST NAMES FIRST: I'll give you the first names of three of the regular characters on TV shows that were on the air for at least 5 consecutive years, with at least one of those years being in the 1970's, you give me the show: A) John, Francis, Joseph; B) Robert, Wilhelm, Peter; C) Chester, Billy, Jodie; D) Howard, Arthur, Warren; E) Dave, Ken, Harold
10. (20 points)He was in a film directed by Phillippe Mora, and wrote a book with the word "Confessions" in the title. Name this NFL failure, and that book title.
11. (40 points)Identify these films, from the plot descriptions. They're all from 1977 - 1987. A) Three toe gets tracked down in Harlem, B) Square swingers come up with novel plan to eliminate perverts, C) Bank teller discovers robbery attempt, takes money himself, D) Commies invade the Plains states, teens defend and repel them.
12. (10 points)What are the words that make up the acronym SAAB?
13. (30 points)When US banks get rolls of coins from the Federal Reserve Bank, they come in bags including $50 in pennies, and $1000 each for dimes and quarters. How much do these three different bags weigh (to the nearest pound)?
14. (20 points)Back about 20 or 25 years ago, there was one NFL team that temporarily started their home games at 2PM local time. Name that team, and the reason for the odd starting time.
15. (10 points)Jimmy Buffett's song "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes" appeared on what 1982 Top 15 album compilation?

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