A random assortment of trivia questions, some multi-part. some with single answers. All parts of an answer are worth 10 points, therefore if a question has a 3 part answer, that would be worth a total of 30 points (total points available per question are in parentheses to the left of each question). Total available points are 500 (hence the name of the quiz!) To earn 10 points, first and last names are required. First or last name only earns 5 points.

We are happy to introduce a guest Quizmaster this round. Pat has been participating in (and winning) the Potpourri quizzes since almost the beginning. She will be scoring your quizzes and letting you know how you did! A roster of future guest quizmasters is being established. Enjoy the new and different questions!


1. (50 points)BRADY MANIA: Please identify the following: A) What is Carol's maternal grandmother's name? B) Who stole Greg's football playbook? C) What actress played the role of Pat, winner of the head-cheerleader competition? D) In the UFO episode, Greg appeared with a band-aid on his lip. What did he say had happened to him? E) What had actually happened to Barry Williams prior to shooting the episode?
2. (30 points)Identify these products by their slogan exerpts: A) Wherever I go he goes B) Two in the bathtub is more fun than one C) Mmmm...thickerer!
3. (20 points)Identify: A) Negative B, plus or minus the square root of B squared minus 4 A C over 2 A (generically speaking) B) MSFB's TSOP
4. (50 points)MAY DAY...MAY DAY!! Each of these events occurred on May 1. Name the year. A) President Hoover opens the tallest building in the world B) Union army occupies New Orleans C) Elvis marries Priscilla D) John Dryden dies E) The film Citizen Kane premiers in New York
5. (20 points)DECORATORS NEEDED: Where would one find: A) "black curtains" and "silver horses" B) "blue suede drapes" and "plaid lightbulbs"?
6. (50 points)Readers of "ABC Soaps In Depth" voted which 5 actresses as the best actresses for the week of November 24, 1998?
7. (20 points)A) Who is ? (Question removed) B) What is the highest score one can achieve in Win95 version of Solitaire (Draw 1, standard scoring)?
8. (50 points)INDY 500: A) Who broke the 100mph barrier at the Indy 500, what year did he break it, and what was his average speed? B) These two drivers were killed at the Indy 500 in 1933. Name them.
9. (30 points)CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN: How many ranks fall above captain in the A) Army B) Navy C) Air Force?
10. (60 points)What were the top six TV shows in the US for the 1972-73 season?
11. (30 points)NBA SHORTZ: A) In what city was Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game played? B) Who was the first pick in the 1977 NBA draft? C) (One guess only) How many of the NBA's "50 Greatest Players" also played in the ABA?
12. (20 points)What group recorded the album "ExtrABBAganza!" and what tenor is featured on track #6?
13. (20 points)ENOUGH ALREADY!! What is the only song to have hit the Top 30 A) Five years in a row (by the same artist) B) Six times in the same year (6 different artists)?
14. (50 points)PETTICOAT JUNCTION...WOOOOWOOO!! A) Who was Bobbie Jo's final boyfriend? B) Why wasn't Billie Jo at the hospital the night of Kathy Jo's birth? C) (One guess only) How many actresses played the role of Billie Jo Bradley? D) Which star went on to appear in "All My Children"? E) Who was the president of the C&FW Railroad?

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